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Symantec Romania estimates 5 mln euros in sales on enterprise segment

The Symantec Romania IT security software producer estimates turnover worth 5 million euros this year on the enterprise segment, 70 percent higher than in 2006.
Last year, the company had a 25-30 percent share on the local market and aims to increase this to 50 percent by the end of 2009, company representatives said.
"Our estimates regarding 2008 turnover are based on the good results registered in the first quarter, when we had sales in excess of 1 million euros," according to Gabriel Tomescu, Symantec Romania’s Country Manager. Of the estimated turnover, 2.3 million euros will be generated by security solutions sales and a further 2.7 mln euros by sales of data recovery solutions.
A significant increase of cyber attacks led to higher sales of IT security products. Thus, according to a Symantec report, five percent of the total phishing sites were detected in Romania, ranking it third worldwide, after China and the U.S., and first in Europe.
The International Data Corporation (IDC) Romania research company indicates that the local IT security market will increase by 30 percent this year, up to 10.93 mln euros.
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