Teraplast Group counts on 70% bigger profit this year

Teraplast Bistrita Group (TRP), the biggest PVC processor in Romania, posted 2007 consolidated total sales of 219,12 million lei (65,6 million euro), up 40% versus 2006, according to the IFRS financial situations.
The 2007 consolidated net profit amounted to 16,05 million lei (4,8 million euro), up 75%.
For 2008, Teraplast, with activities in the sector of construction materials and plastic processing, aims at 68% rise in the consolidated net profit to some 27 millions lei (7,7 million euro). The main company of the group, Teraplast, budgeted a profit of 22 million lei (6,2 million euro), whereas the subsidiaries Plastsistem and Politub estimate gains of 4,6 million lei (1,3 million euro) and 3,5 million lei (1 million euro).
Teraplast Bistrita has a 36% market share on the segment of PVC tubes and over 30% on the segment of polypropylene tubes.
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