TNT Romania eyes 30 pct profit rise

Express delivery company TNT Romania eyes an increase in net profit this year by approx. 7.28 million euros, that is a 30 percent rise on the net result last year.
Moreover, the company’s estimates its turnover might reach 39 million euros in 2008, that is an increase by 25 percent on last year and by 2.5 times on the 2004 figures.
Such estimates were mainly based on the increase in the volumes by 30 percent, as well as on the development of the relevant market. "We have managed to delimit us from the classical concept of express deliveries, with only small packages and documents being delivered, and we have become a service integrator," country general manager with TNT Romania Bogdan Enache told the Business Standard daily on April 16.
He also highlighted the company is currently able to deliver such packages weighting up to 6 tonnes anywhere in the world.

According to the TNT Romania representative, 15 percent of the company’s revenues come from the domestic market, with 85 percent coming from the foreign market.
The most important customers of TNT Romania come from the banking sector, from the car spare parts industry and also from the pharmaceutical industry.
With regard to the investments, the manager of the company said that approx. 10-15 percent of the company’s 2008 turnover is to be reinvested in a new sorting centre to be set up in Timisoara (western Romania), to follow the pattern of the company’s sorting centre based in Otopeni, close to Bucharest.
The company is part of the Dutch TNT group, which had opened its branch in Romania 8 years ago by acquiring the shares of the local Romcargo company, and have been operating as the single TNT agent on the local market since 1991.
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