Vosganian: Fiscal Code will not be changed this year

The Fiscal Code will not be modified this year, because the law is tuned with the norms of the European Union, said on April 15 Minister of Economy and Finance Varujan Vosganian, who attended a press conference on the completion of a project on fiscal tuning.
The Ministry of Economy and Finance will finalize until the end of May a Fiscal Register which will include all the fiscal and para-fiscal taxes, Varujan said recently.
"This May we will have a first debate on such a register. The Romanian Fiscal Register will appear until the end of May, it will include all the system of taxes and duties," Vosganian also said.
The register will include all the taxes and duties in the Fiscal Code, as well as the ones applied by other public institutions and professional authorities, governmental agents etc.
According to Vosganian, if an authority wishes to change a tax, to remove or introduce a tax, it will have to publish on the Internet page an impact study and a recital, and the Finance Ministry evaluates if the tax is justified or it is a fiscal abuse.
"For example, if an institution fetches revenues higher than the percentage of growth of the market, this is fiscal abuse," Vosganian said not long ago.
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