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Oprescu’s candidature accepted by Court of Appeal

The magistrates with the Bucharest Court of Appeal admitted on Friday Sorin Oprescu's appeal, so he may run in the elections for Bucharest City Hall.
The decision is final and irrevocable.
After hearing the decision, senator Sorin Oprescu said that justice was made to the citizens willing to vote.
The defence brought on Friday two new arguments to validate the candidature of Sorin Oprescu.
They said that first the municipal Electoral Bureau (BEM) registered Oprescu's candidature, by accepting the list with signatures, but the next day BEM rejected it for not meeting all the criteria. 'The law does not say this is possible,' said the lawyers.
They brought a document from the National Statistics Institute (INS) showing that the number of persons with right to vote in Bucharest is about 1,500,000, instead of 1,700,000 as BEM claims, so the 37,000 signatures collected by Sorin Oprescu are above the 2 percent threshold the law requires.
Sorin Oprescu was defended in court by four lawyers, among whom the lawyer of the Royal House Adrian Vasiliu.
The independent candidate to the Bucharest City Hall Sorin Oprescu submitted officially his candidature on Tuesday at BEM for the June elections. BEM announced on Wednesday that it rejected his registration after counting the support signatures.
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