Orthodox and Greek Catholic celebrate Christ’s Resurrection

The Christ's resurrection is celebrated by the Orthodox and Greek Catholic believers on Saturday night, when all churches and monasteries officiate the Resurrection Mass and people come to take light.
Tonight, believers assemble in churches to attend the Holly Mass, to take light and the blessed 'pasca'.
'The Resurrection mass is officiated outside the church, so that the whole creation may enjoy the happiness of the resurrection, not because churches are too small for the many believers assembled here,' the Patriarchy's spokesman priest Constantin Stoica told Rompres.
The Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest expects some 7,000 believers tonight. The mass is officiated for the first time by His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel.
The Easter celebration is occasion for greater joy for the Greek Catholic believers in Bucharest, as, for the first time after 60 years, the city is again headquarters for the Auxiliary Archbishop of Alba-Iulia and Fagaras Episcopate. The new bishop Mihai Fratila will offer them for the first time the Light of Resurrection.
The painted eggs, the lamb meat, the 'pasca' and pound cakes are specific to the Easter celebration.
In the Romanian tradition, the Easter painted eggs have miraculous powers, healing diseases, protecting the animals in the household and are beneficial in various situations. The Easter lamb represents Jesus Christ, who sacrificed himself for people's sins and died like an innocent lamb.
According to 2002 census, Romania has 19 million Orthodox believers (86.7 percent) and almost 200,000 Greek Catholic believes (0.9 percent).


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