President Basescu announces possible revision of Constitution

President Traian Basescu told the public radio on Tuesday that he intends to ask a team of experts from outside the Presidential Administration a view on constitutional changes, to enter public debate by year-end.
"This is a Constitution that served the interests of Mr. Iliescu and Roman, at a certain moment, then of Iliescu and Nastase at its revision, but it little answered the needs of good institutional functioning. Therefore I believe that discussions related to Constitution should be resumed. I intend to ask a team of well known public experts, with no relation to Cotroceni Palace, a vision on the modification of Constitution by year-end," said Basescu.
He showed that the institutional relations need clarifications, and the territory must be reorganized, as the fundamental law is wrong in this issue.
"We have the same territorial organization since 1968. Ceausescu parcelled the territory into counties, small administrative entities, to be more easily controlled by the Securitate. This territorial organization does not correspond to Romania's development needs anymore. The Euro regions have no legal, constitutional legitimacy to develop regional projects, after all.
Nine presidents of county councils meet, each bearing the interests of his county, and agree on some aberrant projects, politically negotiated, instead of having the chance of a regional development generated by our administrative organization," said Basescu.
He also said that the Constitution should include some punishments for those illegally impeaching the head of state, referring to his impeachment in April 2007.
He said that MPs have no responsibility through Constitution, and he was forced to assist to a coup d'etat, speaking about the impeachment referendum.
"There is no political sanction for those who did this. We cannot let the Constitution unmodernized and the MPs irresponsible towards the people," said Basescu.
He said that MPs do not want the Constitution to be revised.

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