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President Basescu: Constitutional Court, a „shield” for corruption suspect MPs

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) remains a "shield" for corruption suspect MPs, President Traian Basescu said in a broadcast of the public radio station.
"Why do we obstruct the process of appearing before the prosecutor? I too was subject to investigation and I testified to the prosecutor, although I had been a MP. I was facing charges for which I resigned from Parliament, and made myself available to the investigation bodies. Why does Adrian Nastase, who still seeks a high-profile political career in Romania, avoid getting before the prosecutor ?
Why did his lawyers apply all possible schemes for him not to appear in front of a prosecutor, where he was supposed to deliver a statement? As long as you are protected by immunity that is artificially fabricated by CCR, the prosecutor cannot take your testimony," said Basescu.
In his opinion, what happens with corruption suspect dignitaries shows the ''lack of political will in enforcing the constitutional principle according to which nobody is above the law.'

"Yet we see that the MPs are above law, nothing can happen to them. This is where CCR and the courts have major responsibilities and are part of the footdragging arrangement in the fair enforcement of the law for all Romanian citizens. The files of the dignitaries were referred to courts far back in 2005. They were returned based on a CCR resolution related to the Law of ministerial accountability.
New endorsements were issued based on the CCR decision that dismantled the Cotroceni-seated Presidential Commission and required the President to endorse the criminal prosecution of dignitaries. Short after that CCR gave a different interpretation, producing another decision that offered 100 pct protection for the ministers who would also hold MP seats," explained the head of the state.
Basescu said that art. 72 of the Constitution clearly states that the Parliament's approval is necessary only for the search of the home of an MP or if the lawmaker is proposed for arrest.
"In the rest no approval by the Houses is required. This shows that unfortunately CCR remains a reliable shield for MP politicians suspect of breaching the law," said Basescu.
The National Anti-corruption Directorate notified the Chamber of Deputies to request the criminal investigation of Adrian Nastase, who was PM between 2000-2004, for bribe taking, influence peddling and undue participation in the forging of documents under private signature in relation to influence peddling, which are all offences handled in file no. 114/P/2007.

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