Tiriac: Daimler AG to announce whether it chooses Romania to build Mercedes auto plant in three weeks

German concern Daimler AG will announce in three weeks whether or not it chooses Romania as the location to build the future Mercedes auto plant, Romanian businessman Ion Tiriac announced on Tuesday, while attending the opening of Ferrari representative office in Romania.
"Mercedes, in three weeks, will announce whether it chooses Romania or not. Our country is on the cards", Tiriac said.

German auto maker Daimler AG is looking into the possibility of building a new assembly plant in Eastern Europe, namely in Poland or Romania, the German-based newspaper Automobilwoche had announced early this year, quoting several company sources.
According to the publication, the future plant to be raised in Eastern Europe will build the new models from the A and B series from 2011.
The German auto maker changed its name from DaimlerChrysler into Daimler AG in last October, after it sold the majority stake it held in Chrysler, the third-biggest U.S. auto maker, to Cerberus investment fund. Moreover, the main division of the German auto group changed its name from Mercedes Car Group into Mercedes-Benz Cars. The division includes Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Maybach car brands.
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