30 percent of Genpact personnel, employed through internal recommendations

At least 30 percent of outsourcing company Genpact Romania’s employees are employed through internal recommendations.
The recruitment method is especially efficient when the company is seeking for people who speak less known languages, such as Turkish and Czech.
"We encourage employees to recommend friends by offering bonuses or prizes, such as tickets for various events. It is a very good method when we are looking for people in communities where access is harder. For instance, when we hired people who speak Czech, the first to come into the company brought the others," the company’s Senior HR Manager, Sylwia Jagodzinska, said. Other advantages of this recruitment method are the fact that new employees already have information on the labour environment and organizational culture. Also, the newcomers adjust more easily, she said.

Genpact Romania has more than 1,100 employees and plans to employ several hundred more by the end of the year, for its Cluj Napoca and Bucharest centers. Most jobs are in the financeaccounting area. A new employee undergoes a training program of two months. The company has 60 trainers.
Among positions difficult to fill are quality specialists, where recruitment takes from eight to ten weeks.
Employees receive monthly bonuses for finalizing goals or prizes for outstanding results, team spirit and participation in significant projects.
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