Bucharest ranks 28th in Europe by rental prices

Bucharest holds position 28 in the ranking the most expensive European cities by 2007 apartment rental costs, shows a report of British human resources company ECA International. The company is present in 71 countries and specialises in the management of international workforce mobility.
ECA studies are used by multinational companies to calculate the accommodation allowances for their staff seconded to various cities throughput the world. At global level, Romania’s capital city is on position 61, ahead of cities like Cardiff, Hamburg, Munich, Budapest, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Vilnius or Ankara.
London is the most expensive European city by rental costs, followed by Moscow, Paris, St.Petersburg, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Dublin, Stockholm, Rome and Milan. By the same criterion, the cheapest city in Europe is Ankara, followed by Vilnius and Berlin. The world’s most expensive city is Tokio, followed by London, New York and Moscow.
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