Easter boosts PCfun sales 35 percent

Online store PCfun, part of IT&C products distributor Fit Distribution, registered sales 35 percent higher in the week before the Orthodox Easter, compared to the first week of April.
According to the company’s Marketing Manager, Madalin Durca, the best-selling products are notebooks, LCD TV sets, digital cameras and LCD displays, this time of the year.
Compared to last year, the company doubled sales for certain products and "we have greater expectations for the following period," Durca added.
During the first quarter of 2008, sales notebooks, LCD displays and TV sets and PCs registered significant growth.
PCfun estimates $11 million (€6.9 mln) in turnover this year, compared to $7.5 million (€4.7 mln).
The local e-commerce market is estimated at some $275 million (€174.6 mln) this year. 350 new e-stores were launched last year, nut only 50 percent are functional to date. The same growth rate, on one e-store launched per day, is to be registered this year, according to Fit Distribution’s owner, Marius Ghenea.
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