Economic Projection Coordination Council set in place

An Economic Projection Coordination Council has been set up as a consultative body of the Romanian Government concerned with macroeconomic analysis and projection. Its current composition includes representatives of the academia and the civil society working in the area of macroeconomics analysis and projection, such as former Finance Minister Mircea Ciumara and former Development and Projection Minister Leonard Cazan, both working now at the National Economic Research Institute.
Under a decision of the Government of last week, also included in the membership of the new council are Director of the World Economics Institute Constantin Ciupagea, Chairman of the National Statistics Institute Vergil Voineagu, professor Dorin Jula and Director of Economic Projections Lucian Albu.
Chairman of the new council is Chairman of the National Economic Projection Board (CNP) Ion Ghizdeanu.
The composition of the Economic Projection Coordination Council was approved by Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu upon the request of the National Economic Projection Board.

The council will discuss macroeconomic projects and projections and help the National Economic Projection Board to improve analysis methods and techniques.
On the other hand, the Government decided to modify the duties of the National Economic Projection Board to reflect its involvement in drawing up economic documents for the European Commission.
Thus, the National Economic Projection Board will draw up analyses and projections for a fee for the private sector and use in the process the services of an own department for the analysis of economic implications of public policies.
CNP Chairman Ion Ghizdeanu says there used to be many requests for analyses and projections coming from the private sector, but they could not be resolved because a legislative framework was missing.
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