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INS: 5,299 residential building permits released in March 2008

As many as 5,299 residential building permits were released in March 2008, up 29.4 percent in comparison with February and 14.7 percent from the similar period of the previous year, show data given to publicity on April 29 by the National Statistics Institute (INS).
According to INS, of the 5,299 residential building permits released in March, 62.8 pct were for rural areas, in keeping with the trend from the previous month.
The regional distribution reveals an upward trend for the residential building permits released in all development regions; the bulk thereof was in North-East (+ 321 permits), South-West Oltenia (+165 permits), South-Muntenia (+158 permits), Bucharest – Ilfov (+138 permits) and South-East (+125 permits).

A number of 11,806 residential building permits were released in Q1 2008, by 13.1 pct more than in the similar period of 2007. Growth in Q1 2008 was steepest compared to the similar period of the year before in the development regions of Bucharest-Ilfov, North-West, South-Muntenia and Center.
The statistic survey conducted by INS is exhaustive and addresses the institutions of public local administration (prefectures and local councils), specifically some 3,300 institutions.
A residential building is a building that is entirely or to the greatest extent used for residential purposes.
The category ‘other buildings’ includes hotels and other similar buildings; wholesale and retail buildings; transportation and telecommunication buildings; industrial and agricultural buildings; education, art, science and culture buildings; healthcare, sport and leisure buildings.

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