Office furniture market could reach 100M euros by 2011

The most dynamic segment of the furniture market, office furniture, exceeded the 80 millioneuro in 2007.
The 15 percent increase will maintain this year, as well, according to estimates of players in the field, but the potential is much biger, of at least 100 million euros by the year 2011. Although a portion of project deliveries had been put off until this year, players on the office furniture segment ended 2007 on schedule, with significant increases being also seen in the luxury furniture.

The 2005-2007 period brought about a maturing of preferences on this niche, with the market becoming more balanced and more mature in several respects. The main factors behind the turnover increases, and, implicitly, behind the market growth are the maturing of real estate projects and the intensification of company plans to change their office furniture, according to representatives of furniture manufacturers and retailers.
"We have noticed that multinationals, as well as Romanian companies, now tend to renew their office furniture at shorter intervals: 7-8 years at present, compared with 8-10 years in 2004-2005," said Bogdan Staicu, head of the Mobexpert Office division of Mobexpert, the largest player in the Romanian furniture industry, the Ziarul financiar concluded.
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