Retail trade to increase in Q2

Sales of goods will go up this April-June, the National Statistics Institute said in a press release.
Company managers expect in the next three months a rise in sales, with a plus 39 percent conjectural balance. The economic activity will keep its rising trend, with a plus 42 percent conjectural balance.
Orders for goods will increase, the conjectural balance in this sector will stand at plus 27 percent.
According to 94 percent of opinions, in April, the stocks of goods will stand at a level optimal for retail trade.
Employers believe the number of jobs in this area will increase slightly, the conjectural balance will stand at plus nine percent.
Managers expect retail prices to rise, with a plus 44 percent conjectural balance.
The data are based on conjectural inquiries, with the participation of 2,197 companies, a representative sample for retail trade. The error margin stands at plus/minus five percent.
Conjectural inquiries are co-financed, the European Commission – DGECFIN (Brussels) participates in them.
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