Romania, biggest rise in retail trade in EU

In March 2008 compared to March 2007, Romania reported a 16.2 percent rise in retail trade, the biggest rise of all the 27 EU members, according to figures presented on Wednesday by the Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities.

Romania is followed by Slovakia (with a 10.4-percent rise) , Lithuania (9 percent) and Bulgaria (8.7 percent). Only 10 member states reported a rise in annual pace of retail whereas other 10 member states decreased, the biggest reductions being registered in Spain (4.9 percent), Denmark (4.6 percent) and Luxembourg (4.2 percent). In terms of annual pace, in March 2008 compared to March 2007, the volume of retail trade hit a record low of 1.6 percent in the Euro Area (EA 15), but grew slightly 0.4 percent in EU 27.
As for Romania, according to the estimates presented by the National Statistics Institute (INS), the goods sales will follow an upward trend over April-June 2008. Company managers estimate for the next three months a rise in the goods sales per total activity (circumstantial balance plus 39 percent). According to the forecasts made by the polled, the economic situation will maintain the positive trend (circumstantial balance plus 42 percent). The goods orders addressing suppliers will see an upward trend, according to the circumstantial balance of plus 27 percent.
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