Shortage of managers affects companies in Romania

Local employers are confronted with big difficulties in recruiting middle and top managers, 73 percent of them failing to find the qualified staff needed to fill in the vacancies, according to a comparative study conducted globally by human resources recruitment and consultancy firm Manpower.
In Romania, managers rank third in the top of the most difficult to fill in positions, under conditions in which employers in the majority of European countries only seldom place this as a top ten difficulty.
Locally, engineers lead in the top of the most sought after professions, on the background of an ever-increasing number of foreign investments in the technology field, but also of the insufficient number of high education graduates.
According to Radu Furnica, president of Leadership Development Solution, quoted by Business Standard, the number of valuable top executives in Romania is 5,000 and the one of capable middle managers does not exceed 40,000 and they also need four to six years till acceding to top positions.
An explanation of the deficit in managers and executives could reside in the offers of relocation abroad received by the Romanian managers. Many leave to develop companies’ business in some other countries, enticed with 50-100 percent higher earnings than those in Romania.
An average salary of a manager in a multinational company on the domestic market is of 3,500 euros, according to PayWell study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers consultancy, last year.
"Companies in Romania are further confronted with the lack of experimented managers, with solid managerial capabilities. As well, the companies are seeking qualified specialists, engineers and foreign languages experts; they also have to fill in sales and marketing jobs, IT sector jobs, with a high specialization degree, as well as qualified workers", said Alian Popescu, manager with the Wage studies division, Hay Group Romania.
Fields most affected by the highest labour force deficit, including the management level, are the financial banking sector, retail, constructions and HoReCa.

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