Basescu: Nabucco gas pipeline, priority of European energy policy

President Traian Basescu said on Wednesday Romania backs as priority the implementation of the Nabucco and PEOP (Pan-European crude oil pipeline between Constanta and Trieste – the editor's note) projects.
''In our opinion, the Nabucco gas pipeline is priority of the European energy policy. With the support of those involved in the project, it can ensure the diversification of the supply sources and routes. PEOP is another attractive project, because it offers a safe and direct transport route of the Caspian oil from the Middle East to Europe.
We also back the construction in Constanta of a liquefied natural gas terminal, which can contribute significantly to ensuring the European energy security'', said Traian Basescu in a speech delivered on Wednesday in the Wilton Park conference dubbed ''Energy Security in the EU: Environment Interdependence and Black Sea Context''.
The President said Romania believes the European energy security depends to a great extent on the way in which the EU involves in the Black Sea area and beyond it, in the Caspian Sea.
''The energy security is essential for economic development and even for the human security. It is hard to adopt coherent and substantial environment policies without energy security and economic development. The European policy on energy and climate changes was one of the fields of maximum interest and involvement for Romania even before 1 January 2007'', President Basescu underscored.
He added Romania backs the EU objectives for reducing the greenhouse gases.
Traian Basescu mentioned Romania aims at increasing the energy efficiency and share of renewable energies around 2020 and that the country will back reaching a political accord at the European Council in December, on the energy, climatic changes package.
''Romania was and is a promoter of the idea of energy security and importance of creating alternative energy sources, such as the renewable ones. Romania aims at 24% renewable energy in total energy consumption in 2020. For us, it is important that the intermediary targets for meeting 24% are guiding and not mandatory. It is very important for us to encourage consumers, including through fiscal bonuses, firstly the household ones, to switch to energy supply from such renewable sources'', Traian Basescu said.

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