French business in Romania to increase, ambassador Henri Paul says

Alcatel company based in Timisoara (western Romania) has a good economic situation, with this investment being not only the biggest French company in Romania but in the region too, French ambassador in Bucharest Henri Paul told Rompres on Wednesday.
'I have come to Timisoara to visit the enterprises running on French capital, so as to see for myself the extent of the French investments in this area and to see whether they can be improved, taking into account that this is the most economically developed area in Romania', Henri Paul said.
The French ambassador stressed that learning French in western Romania should be closely linked to the French investments there and he voiced wish that the teaching of French should be expanded and it should develop at the same time with the French investments.
He underscored that 48 percent of the Romanian students choose French as the second foreign language to learn in school and only 24 percent choose German.
'We are constantly looking for new methods to teach French in the pre-university educational structures in Romania, so as to make it as attractive as possible and we see the more than 10,000 French teachers who teach in Romania as genuine French ambassadors', the French diplomat said.

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