PM Tariceanu advises Italian govt ‘reason’ to keep bilateral relation unaffected

Prime-Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said on Monday, after a work meeting dedicated to analysing the situation of Romanians established in Italy, that he expects the Italian government to prove reason regarding the planned free movement limitation.
The Premier announced that Ministry of the Interior Cristian David will go to Rome to propose Italian authorities Romanian support for the combat of crime by Romanian citizens.
Calin Popescu-Tariceanu underscored that the meeting on Monday, attended by Minister of the Interior Cristian David, Minister of Labour Paul Pacuraru, head of the Department for European Affairs Adrian Ciocanea and Secretaries of State with the Foreign and Justice Ministry respectively, is a response to recent statements made by the members of the new Italian governing line-up about possibly restricting the Romanians' rights in Italy.
'A first element we agreed upon is the intention of the Romanian government to initiate a dialogue with Italian authorities on this subject and I asked Minister of the Interior David to pay an urgent visit to Rome in the next days – I mean this week – to discuss the Italian government's under way initiatives and inform them about what we, Romanian authorities, think that needs to be done.
Therefore, we will propose the Italian authorities the fast-track deployment of an intervention force including representatives of Romanian police and prosecution to support the efforts of Italian authorities in the combat of crime,' Premier Tariceanu announced.
He added that the 'waves' of statements made during elections, as well as in the pre-and post electoral period, with actually no justification, were the source of a distorted perception, that the situation of Romanians in Italy is critical. Such an attitude can affect bilateral relations, warned the PM, who advised reason to the Italian Cabinet.

'We believe that at this moment, feeding a xenophobic attitude can affect Romania – Italy bilateral relations and this evidently serves nobody's interest. We share too many interests to allow ourselves endanger them by such actions and I believe, and want to see that Italy's Council of Ministers proves wisdom in approaching this issue,' said PM Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, adding that there is a bilateral interest to sort out the issue.
In this context, Tariceanu said that 99 pct of Romanians who settled in Italy earn an honest living, providinf for their families at home and contributing 1 pct to Italy's GDP; he reminded that there are no less than 23,000 companies with Italian capital in Romania.
'I do not want such a xenophobic attitude to trigger negative reactions in Romania, this would be regrettable,' said the Premier.
He added that Romanians' organised crime rings act hand in hand with local ones and that the Italian forces of order have tolerated this phenomenon.
'This situation is the result of the weak reaction of the local forces of order and authorities who should not have allowed the building of camps that are the ferment for crime around Rome or other Italian cities as well. A clear, firm, determined intervention would have been necessary to prevent such a situation come up,' said the PM, who also underscored that this did not happen in countries like Spain, France or Germany.
Premier Tariceanu asked Italian authorities to allow Romanian support forces to get directly involved in the combat of crime.
'We are not only willing, we intend to ask for their permission to jointly act shoulder to shoulder. We want the Romanian police team to be integrated so as to take action on site,' said the Prime Minister.
Calin Popescu-Tariceanu pointed out that the free movement right is a right of all EU citizens and cannot be subject to restrictions.
'The right to free movement in Europe is one of the fundamental pillars of the European project and construction. We cannot agree with the infringement of the right to free movement, we must understand that this calls for the prompt, firm reaction of the authorities for observance of the right to free movement,' concluded PM Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.
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