Romania’s population shrinks 1.7 million people over past decade

Over 1998-2008, Romania's population went down 1.7 million people, Labour Minister Paul Pacuraru announced on Wednesday at Victoria Palace, the Government's headquarters.
Romania will have by the end of the year a demographic strategy for the correction of the population deficit, said Minister Pacuraru.
Pacuraru said that the main reasons which caused the population's shrinkage were the setback in the birth rate and the negative balance of the foreign immigration, namely the high number of Romanians who settled abroad.
Under these circumstances, Labour Minister Paul Pacuraru stressed that the Government will approve by the end of the year a national strategy with a view to halting the population's decline through policies that will be imposed over 2009-2050.
The goal of the strategy is the reduction of the demographic regime and the obtaining of a balance from this viewpoint in the long run through the rise in birth rate, the establishment of favourable conditions for the children's bringing up and education, promotion of reconciliation of the family life with the professional life, ensuring the access of urban and rural population to health services, increase in the life expectancy, access of the personnel in rural areas to long-term medical services and diminution of the number of youngsters who emigrate for good.
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