APIA to use EU funds to train auto industry specialists

The Romanian Association of Automobile Manufacturers (APIA) will train auto industry specialists in partnership with the Ministry of Education and road transporters. The European funded program will last two and a half years, and involve the training of auto electricians, technicians, body workers and painters.
APIA President Ernest Popovici said the institution is currently negotiating with the Ministry of Education to expand the program for the truck segment. He added that the program could be extended to meet the need for qualified construction personnel.
"The program is an alternative to private projects organized by constructors and auto importers," said the APIA representative.
The Romanian auto industry is currently faced with a specialized personnel shortage, due to the market dynamic exceeding the capacity for specialist training, work force migration, new international companies on the market, and recruiting problems in the past few years.
Dealers believe that an important factor that has led to the personnel shortage is a drop in capacity of specialized educational institutions. They also indicate that the solution involves training programs and promotion of employees within companies.

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