Foreigners prefer Romanias economically developed zones

Foreigners prefer university centers and economically developed counties, when establishing their temporary or permanent residence in Romania, according to data released on May 12 by the Romanian Immigration Office (ORI), on the occasion of the launch of a national debate on the labour force migration.
ORI statistics show that, at the end of December 2007, a number of 49,123 foreigners were in Romania, both from the European Economic Space (EES) and from other states, of whom 43,123 on temporary permits and 6,652 – permanent residence.
The most established their residence in Bucharest – 17,132 and in the counties of Timis – 3,403, Cluj – 3,322 and Iasi – 3,158.

Depending on citizenship, the highest number came from the Republic of Moldova – 12,293, Turkey – 7,199 and China – 5,406.
The number of foreigners with permanent residence surged last year by 18.4 percent, most of them from China (1,070), followed by Turkey (976) and Syria (757). This category prefers to set up residence in Bucharest – 3,813, and in the counties of Timis (382), Ilfov 9282) and Constanta (262).
366 citizens from the European Union and EES were granted permanent residence in Romania, and 11,250 people obtained temporary residence permits, longer than three months, mainly coming from Italy, France and Germany.
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