Interconnection charges total 345 million euros in 2007

Landline and mobile phone services billed each other a total 345.9 million euros in interconnection charges, part of prices charged per minute for calls in other networks.
Total interconnection charges for 2007 are by 45.3 percent higher year-on-year, when charges amounted to 238 million euros, due to sound growth on voice traffic in all phone networks.
The National Regulatory Authority for Communications and Information Technology (ANRCTI) published a report last week on the local telecom market in 2007. Business Standard daily calculated the value of total interconnection charges based on the total number of phone conversation minutes registered last year and interconnection prices set by ANRCTI for the main mobile service operators, Orange and Vodafone (0.074 euros per minute), and for the main Romtelecom landline operator (0.012 euros per minute). These prices do not include value added tax.
Of the total amount, mobile operators had the largest share, where the increase in voice traffic was 47.8 percent, up to 21.2 billion minutes.
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