Japanese businessmen want bilateral commerce chamber with Romania

Japanese businessmen have launched the idea of a bilateral commerce chamber to be set up by Romania and Japan, on the occasion of the session of the Romanian-Japanese Joint Economic Committee organised by the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIR), to contribute to the strengthening of the economic relations between the two countries.
The event targeted mainly the current stage of the trade exchanges between the two countries, the competitive advantages of Romania, and also the problems faced by the businessmen wanting to invest here, the labour force shortage and the excessive taxation, reads a release of the CCIR.
Japanese investments in Romania reached 6 billion euros, in terms of subscribed share capital, representing 0.35 percent of the total foreign capital attracted by the country. The volume of the trade exchanges in 2007 between the two countries stood at 541 million dollars (116 million dollars exports, 425 million dollars imports), with a deficit in the trade balance standing at 309 million dollars in the disadvantage of Romania. There exist 193 Japanese companies operating in Romania (that is 0.13 percent of the total companies).
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