Labour Minister: Romanians to return home under snowball effect

The Romanians who work abroad will return home under the snowball effect, just as they left Romania, Minister of Labor, Family and Equal Opportunities Paul Pacuraru told a press conference on May 13.
"The Romanians who work abroad will return home under the snowball effect. This is also how they left. They won’t return due to administrative efforts, but following economic evolutions in the countries where they work, as an effect of these evolutions. In Spain for instance, the real estate market is in a stalemate which means a halt in hiring, and economic developments in Italy no longer allow immigrants to save resources, but just to provide for day to day living," Minister Paul Pacuraru explained.
He added that from the talks he had with Romanians established in Italy at the Job Fair in Rome, he understood that many of them are interested in returning to Romania.
Pacuraru could not estimate the number of homeward-bound Romanians, but assured that they will keep arriving every day.
The Minister declared that in the next government meeting he will present a synthesis of the issues related to the re-insertion on the workforce market of returning Romanians, an occasion on which aspects related to the social protection of Romanian workers from abroad and social security will also be discussed.
About 1.6 million Romanians work legally in Spain and Italy. In 2007, remittances by Romanians from abroad stood at around seven billion euro.
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