Lufthansas budget flight arm expands business in Romania

After one year in business in Romania, Germanwings, the budget carrier of Germany’s Lufthansa air carrier, has announced it will continue local business development by opening new flights insummertime.
"This month we are opening a flight from Cluj to Cologne/Bonn. New flights will also be introduced in the summertime schedule from Bucharest to Stuttgart and from Bucharest to Berlin," says Germanwings PR Chief Officer Andreas Engel. In 2007, the company operated three weekly roundtrip flights from Bucharest to Cologne, reporting occupancy rates of 80 percent and 26,000 passengers aboard.
Engel is expecting the local low-cost flight market to develop rapidly in the following two years, with Romania expected to become very attractive to foreign investors, particularly after accessionto the European Union on January 1, 2007.
The global business of Germanwings advanced 12.7 percent in 2007, to 630 million euros, and the number of passengers flying with it could reach 8 million. The company operates flight services to 60 destinations all over Europe. Its operational base is in Cologne, Germany, and its fleet is made up of 27 Airbus airplanes. Lufthansa is ranked second in Europe in terms of passengers.
There are 60 budget air carriers operating in Europe. The largest three are Ryanair of Ireland, easyJet of the UK and Air Berlin of Germany.
Germanwings’ main competitors in Romania are Blue Air of Romania, Wizz Air of Hungary, SkyEurope of Slovakia, Myair of Italy and Ryanair of Ireland.

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