Mihail Kogalniceanu Airports passenger transport business aimed to surge 80pc

The Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport is aiming to increase its passenger transport business by 80 percent as a result of a rise in the Romanian Black Sea coast’s attractiveness with foreign tourists.
COO Titus Cazacu is expecting some 90,000 passengers to use the airport’s services in 2008, up from 50,000 in 2007.
He says the airport has concluded more than 30 contracts with various air carriers for the summer of 2008, and more are about to be concluded.
On the other hand, cargo traffic at the airport has remained unspectacular over the past years, but the number of business flights operated there rose by 6-10 percent.

Chairman of the Litoralul Association Corina Martin told daily Bursa that budget flights would be available at the Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport from Constanta to Anatolia, from Moscow to Constanta,from Brussels to Constanta and also to a German destination starting with this summer.
Cazacu also says that more budget low-cost carriers could be included in the schedule of the airport. Moreover, he informs that negotiations are underway for the opening of new airlines to become available this autumn.
In order to regain passengers and exceed the 40,000 mark a year reached in 2005, the airport management is focusing on budget carriers. An example to the point is Irish Ryanair, which is operating a Constanta-Pisa roundtrip service.
The Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport is located 26 km northwest of the Black Sea city of Constanta The first flights there, from Constanta to Bucharest, were operated in 1961.
Before 1989, the airport would record over 1 million of passenger arrivals a year.
The airport is now a joint-stock national corporation, with the Romanian Transport Ministry being the main shareholders, holding a 60 percent stake. The Proprietatea Fund owns 20 percentof the shares and the Constanta County Council holding the remaining shares.

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