New billing system of natural gas costs 80 million euro

The companies operating on the local natural gas market will invest a total of some 80 million euro for moving from the billing in volumetric units to the billing in energy units, a move that will take effect on 1 July, says the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), which adds the move will be to the benefit of the final consumers.
The move to the billing in energy units targets mainly Transgaz, Romgaz and Petrom-OMV, whereas Distrigaz Sud (owned by Gaz de France) and E.ON Gaz (member of Germany’s E.ON group) will allocate significant funds for buying modern metering and control devices.
The biggest investments will be made by Distrigaz Sud (50 million euro) and E.ON Gaz (20 million euro), whereas Transgaz will invest 7 million euro, Romgaz – 1.5 million euro, and Petrom-OMV – 1 million euro.
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