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Romanias top 50 structures

The Parliament Palace of Bucharest is the most expensive piece of real estate in Romania, ranking first in a recent classification of Romania’s top 50 structures released by weekly Capital.
With the aid of real estate evaluators and traders, Capital has attempted to assess the market value of the most important and impressive structures in Romania for hypothetical sale.
The most expensive building is the Parliament Palace. Second in the world in terms of spread, the building has 1,000 rooms, 30 of which differ in size and the largest is 2,000 sq.m. According to Capital, were it to be put up for sale, the building would fetch 3 billion euros.
The built area of the Parliament Palace is 330,000 sq.m., the equivalent of 46 football fields.
Far behind it is the Free Press House, an office building that is more than half a century old, which is now in no great shape. According to the publication, it should fetch half a billion euro because of its location and size.

In the rankings of shopping centres, Plaza Romania and Bucharest Mall, both located in Bucharest City, are almost equal when it comes to their built area – 99,000 sq.m and 105,000 sq.m., respectively. Taking into account the selling price for the City Mall of Bucharest in 2006 – 103 million euros for a 38,000 sq.m. building without land – as well as the land prices in the quarters where the two are located, their market value should be somewhere in the region of 300 million euros. The Baneasa Shopping Centre, a recent addition in the northern Baneasa quarter, could fetch 400 million euros.
Following in the ranking are a historic building and two other shopping centres. It is the former Royal Palace of Bucharest, now housing the National Arts Museum, valued at 275 million euros, the Polus Centre of Cluj and the Polus Centre of Constanta, which have been sold for 201 million
euros and 185 million euros, respectively.
The Victoria Palace, currently housing the Government House, could fetch 60-70 million euros for its 5,000 sq.m. of land and 26,000 sq.m of built area.
Capital mentions that Romania’s most important 50 structures – shopping centres, office buildings, schools, museums, etc. – should be worth 8.8 billion euros.
Many of the most expensive structures are located in Bucharest City, where the largest real estate development projects have been recently carried out and where property prices are comparable to those in Western European countries.

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