Romania might face labour shortage in five to ten years

Romania might face a labour shortage in the next five to ten years, but currently it is in no such situation, which is only taking shape, Labour Minister Paul Pacuraru told national debates on labour migration here on May 12.
"There is the risk that we get into a labour crisis if the demographical deficit ‘enters’ the job market. 2008 is the first year when the demographical deficit begins knocking on labour force’s door, and in the next five, seven or ten years the demographical deficit will deepen the labour shortage", Pacuraru explained.

The minister said that there are currently between 80,000 and 100,000 vacant jobs nationwide, but the labour market shortage might be higher, since not everybody reports the vacancies.
On the other hand, there are vast labour force resources in the rural area, Pacuraru stressed, adding such resources should be brought into the active economic circuit. There are many 40-45 year-olds who are skilled welders, mechanics, turners, he added. "The employers should carry out activity in the rural area, they should personally go to every home and set up training centres in the big villages and train specialists at infinitely lower costs", the labour minister said.
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