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Romanian Boat Show hits 20 million euros from selling yachts

The value of the boats sold by the approx. 40 exhibitors at the Romanian Boat Show, held over May 8-11, in Bucharest, was estimated by the participants and organisers of the event to stand at 20 million euros.
Among the nearly 130 yachts and boats, worth 40 million euros in total, there were sold about a half.
A significant part of the agreements were concluded right at the show, with the visitors having the possibility to acquire a boat or accessories for it right there at the exhibition, also benefiting from counseling from specialists in the field.

During the nautical exhibition in Bucharest, besides luxurious yachts and specific accessories, there were presented also some products of interest for the targeted audience: luxury cars, real estate offers and expensive drinks.
In the opinion of the organisers, Romanian Boat Show is to contribute to the promotion on an international level of the maritime potential of Romania and also to the redefining of the nautical activities, yachting mainly, as hobbies deserving proper investments.
The local market of boats for pleasure might reach 40 million euros in 2008, that is 30 percent more than last year, according to the newspaper, with the sales in 2008 to be represented 80 percent by such boats with values ranging between 15,000 and 60,000 euros.
Such seaports in Romania that usually play the host for private boats, as Ana Yacht Club from Eforie Nord or the Mangalia, Limanu and Tomis ports, are currently being rebuilt. All these ports are found on the Black Sea shore.

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