Romanian software piracy rate down one pct last year

The software piracy rate in Romania dropped one percentage point last year to 68 percent, while the losses inflicted by the software piracy to industry went up to 151 million dollars last year, show figures supplied by the Business Software Alliance (BSA), an international association that represents the world software industry.
The Romanian software piracy rate dropped to 68 percent in the last five years, down from 73 percent, while the losses inflicted by the phenomenon went up to 151 million dollars from 49 milliondollars. The software piracy rate dropped last year amid a global downward trend in most countries, the BSA said.
The figures represent the conclusions drawn by the 5th annual survey carried out on a global level on PC software piracy made public by the BSA on Wednesday.
"The report shows we are making progress, but we still have enough work to do in Romania in the battle against software piracy. Continued reduced piracy will bring significant benefits to the local consumers, the local companies offering software services and products, for the small businesses and for the Romanian society as the whole", BSA representative in Romania Magda Popescu said.

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