Top managers invest 35,000 in own training

One third of top managers attending the Executive MBA program of the Wien University Executive Academy in Romania are covering the cost of their training with their own money, Executive Academy’s Dean Bodo. B. Schlegelmilch said.
The Executive MBA program costs €35,000. Managers recover their investment by improving their career opportunities. After graduating, trainees have access to jobs they could not have targeted otherwise," Schlegelmilch said.

About the same ratio of EMBA trainees at the ASEBUSS business school pay for the program with their own money, while as much as 50-90 percent of Romanian-Canadian MBA trainees at the Bucharest School of Management invest in their own education.
Other top managers have their MBA programs sponsored by their employers or by other companies. Thus, Wien University Executive Academy has 20 places for trainees sponsored by Romania’s largest company, Petrom, owned by Austrian group OMV, and Austrian lender Erste, as part of their corporate social responsibility programs.
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