Fares Orastie estimates turnover in excess of 8.7 million euro

Fares Orastie (centre), producer of teas from medicinal herbs, estimates it will post 2008 turnoverbigger than 8.7 million euro, up 30% versus 2007.
Adelina Hanciu, brand manager of Fares, considers the people’s tendency to shift to healthy foods will influence positively the relevant Romanian market.

Fares company produces different types of medicinal and flavored teas, syrups, tinctures and ointments. In the past two years, the firm has invested almost 1 million euro in retooling. Its 2007 market share stood at 23 %, after Novaplus (importer of Poland-made teas) – 23,9 % – but ahead Celmar (importer of Polish teas) – 19.5 %. Other important presences are the local producers Plafar and Kalpo and the international ones Lipton, Teekanne and Twinings.
The local market is relatively small versus other countries in the area, since there is not a culture of the tea, and the promotion efforts are limited. As compared with Northern Europe, where the black and green teas are the most sought-after, the best-selling teas in Romania are the herbal and fruit ones.
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