Ice cream producer Alpin aims at 25% market share

Ice cream producer Alpin, with estimated 2008 turnover of 15 million euro (54 million RON), aims at increasing its market share from 15-17% to 25% in the next 2-3 years.
The company has budgeted 2008 investments in logistics of 4 million euro, which may back the 12% increase in sales estimated for 2008 versus the previous period.
The company recorded 26% rise in the ice cream sales versus 2006. In 2007, Alpin recorded a turnover of 14.4 million euro (48 million RON) and a profit of 1.3 million euro (4.5 million RON).
The producer is present also on the frozen pastry and bakery segments with the RomCherie brand.

Set up in 1994, the Sebes-based company (centre) has a production capacity of 50 tonnes per day. The factory works 7 months per year due to the high seasonality of the products.
Competing on the local ice cream market, estimated at over 100 million euro (retail sales), are international companies such as Nestle or Friesland Foods (Napolact) and several Romanian producers, the biggest ones being Betty Ice, Alpin, Top Gel and Kubo Ice (Amicii).
The Romanian companies have counted so far on the medium and low price segments, targeted last year also by the launches of Nestle Ice Cream, the leader of the relevant market. The premium products recorded some 20% of total local sales.
The "impulse" segment (the purchase from proximity and traditional stores) represents some 80% of the ice cream sales in Romania.
The locally made ice cream holds over 90% of total sales, say the biggest players.

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