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Local sales of chocolate tablets hit 120 million euro in 2007

The local chocolate tablets market reached in 2007 about 120 million euro, up 10 pct from the previous year, reveals a study conducted by the research company Nielsen. Data refer exclusively to the classical rectangular tablets of plain chocolate or combined with various ingredients (fruit, nuts, cream etc). The general sweets market stood at 241 million euro, by 25 pct more than in the previous year.
The segment of chocolate tablets accounts for 60 pct of the local chocolate market, said a representative of producer Kraft Foods Romania. According to the company, in Romania, chocolate consumption per capita is almost 2 kilos a year as to 8 – 10 kilos in some Western states. Of late, consumers got choosier, as proves the growth in demand for premium products.

By sales volume, the major players are Kraft, Cadbury, Supreme Group, Heidi Chocolat and Ferrero, which jointly hold a market share of 90.3 pct; by sales value, the five big names hold 91.8 pct of the market.
The brands highest in demand in 2007 on the local market were Poiana (owned by Kraft Foods Romania – market’s medium segment), Africana (Kraft Foods Romania – economy segment), Milka (Kraft Foods Romania – premium segment), Primola (from the portfolio of Supreme Group – medium segment) and Laura (from Cadbury’ portfolio – economy segment) with a market share of 64.4 pct by sales volume and 65 pct by sales value. Milk chocolate tops the preference ranking (83.4 pct) followed at great distance by white chocolate tablets (7.1 pct), black chocolate tablets (6.5 pct) and mixed tablets (1.6 pct.).

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