Orsova shipyard doubles profit in Q1

Orsova shipyard ended Q1 of this year with a net profit worth 1.833 million lei, almost double as against 2007, which stood at 928.829 lei, according to financial information carried by the website of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.
Total revenues of the company stood at 27.016 million lei, up 6.446 million lei compared to the first three months of 2007 and spending stood at 24.631 million lei (up 5.13 million lei).
The turnover reached 21.65 million lei over January-March.

Orsova shipyard was established in 1890, as a small workshop designed to mend the vessels which participated to the construction of the canal at Iron Gates – SIP Yugoslavia and has constantly developed. Howevr it saw a spectacular development after 1991 when its name and organisation scheme changed. The newly established company was Orsova Shipyard.
At present, Orsova Shipyard. Is an entirely private stock company. Its shareholders are SIF Transilvania with a 50-percent stake, SIF Oltenia with 12.13 percent, non-resident customers with a 9.93-percent stake and other shareholders with the remainder of 27.94 percent.
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