Ozone Laboratories, nine million euro in turnover

In Q1 2008, Ozone Laboratories Romania registered a turnover of some nine million euro, up 28 pct against the same period of 2007, reads a release remitted to Rompres.
"The previous year marked a new stage in the development of Ozone Laboratories. We laid stress on the revising of our medium and long-term strategy and on the implementation thereof, on organizational restructuring and the redefinition of the product portfolio. The results obtained in Q1 match our expectations and confirm to us that the goals established for the current year are feasible," said Christopher Henwood, Ozone Laboratories CEO.

The growth registered in Q1 is in line with all-year expectations for 2008 and higher than the 18-pct general 2007-to-2006 growth rate, from 24.5 million euro to 29.5 million euro.
This year Ozone also seeks to expand its portfolio with vitamins and food supplements, new anti-flu and anti-cold medication, cardio and digestive aid products.
Ozone Laboratories entered the Romanian market of pharmaceuticals in 2002. The company holds a broad portfolio of products in the categories of ethical, over-the-counter drugs and food supplements.
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