Plafar Co., new look

Plafar Co, which sells teas, tinctures, creams, food supplements, cosmetics from plants, bio products etc., is to have a new look, expected to lead to increased interest by customers in search on natural products.
Alain Bond, the main shareholder of Centofarm and Plafar Retail companies, holds in Portugal a store chain marketing natural products. He has invested in a similar chain in Romania, taking advantage of the opportunity created by Plafar. He kept the name of the store chain, which it revived.
General manager of Centrofarm and Plafar Dan Catana, said 14 more Plafar stores were opened, six of them in Bucharest, and eight more in other big cities, the company wants to number 30 stores in end 2008.
Catana believes Romanians are less interested in natural products than Westerners, but the market is expected to develop in Romania, too.
Plafar, which sells products made in Romania but also from import, is expected to post 3.5 million euros in turnover in 2008. Centrofarm’s turnover is estimates to increase 80 percent this year, from 20 million euros in 2007.

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