Retail market to reach 140 hypermarkets by 2012

By 2011-2012, the retail market in Romania will reach maturity, it will number 120-140 hypermarkets, said Auchan Romania manager Regis Mougel.
He also said discounters will reach 15 percent, in 2011.
Auchan will open two hypermarkets this year, one in Bucharest, in Militari neighbourgood, and one in Suceava, north-eastern Romania, it will earmark some 80 million euros for that. In 2009, it will open eight stores more, with investment for each of them standing at 30-40 million euros, daily Adevarul said.
The company has been present in Romania since 2006, and it has made investment of over 300 euros in five stores so far.
Real hypermarket in Bucharest, in Berceni, is the first of the seven to be opened this year.
Metro hypermarket division intends to make 150 million euros worth of investment, with its chain due to number 21 hypermarkets in end 2008.
Only Real and Auchan will open hypermarkets in Bucharest, the other chains plan to develop in the country.

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