Balance of payments posts Q1 deficit of 3.51bn euro

The current account of the balance of payments recorded a deficit of 3.519bn euro in Q1 2008, the Central Bank announced on May 15.
The biggest influence on the current account came from the deficit of the trade balance, which stood at 3.863bn euro, up 9.9% versus Q1 2007.
The deficit of the current account in Q1 2008 was covered 47.6% through foreign direct investments, which stood at 1.676bn euro.
The medium and long-term foreign debt stood on 31 March 2008 at 39,948 million euro, up 4.2% versus 31 December 2007.
The public and publicly guaranteed foreign debt stood on 31 March 2008 at 10.445bn euro and represented 26.1% of the medium- and long-term foreign debt (versus 27.1% on 31 December 2007). The publicly non-guaranteed foreign debt totaled 25.904bn euro on 31 March 2008, up 4.8% against 31 December 2007.
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