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Banking Risk Centre registers more than 90,700 debtors in March

Banking Risk Centre (CRB) recorded 90,799 debtors in March who are likely to be late in paying the money they owe to banks, out of which 79,138 were individuals, Vice-Chairman with the Direction for Financial Stability with the Romanian National Bank (BNR) Cristian Bichi told a seminar on the activity of the Crediting Office on May 14.
According to the source, the number of debtors likely to be late in paying their debts increased by 114.13 people in March 2008 against March 2007 figures.

The value of the debts individuals and legal persons too had as following the conclusion of banking loans reached 2.13 billion lei in March 2008, that is an increase by 20.21 percent on the total debt in March 2007, according to Bichi.
The Vice-Chairman with the Direction for Financial Stability with the Romanian National Bank also mentioned CRB intends to introduce such non-banking financial institutions registered with the special register as institutions who send information to CRB too.
The CRB is a specialized structure in collecting and centralizing such information related to the exposure of each person, credit institution of mortgage loan institution, in Romania sending information as against such debtors who benefited from loans and / or such arrangements with a cumulated level exceeding the upper limit in terms of reference of 20,000 lei, as well as such information related to frauds with cards made by the owners themselves CRB manages such information in the name of the Romanian National Bank, under a strictly regulated framework and on the conditions of keeping the bank’s secrets.

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