Financial investments bring negative yields in past 12 months in general

The financial investments have brought, in general, negative yields in the past 12 months, amid the significant corrections on the capital market, with consequences on the mutual funds, and the high volatility on the forex market.
The investments in the most liquid shares on the Bucharest Stock Exchange /BVB/ have recorded an negative average yield, of minus 18.62% in the past 12 months, measured by the index BET.
The investments in mutual funds had a negative average yield of minus 9.15% in the analyzed period.

Those who exchanged their RON into dollars a year ago have recorded a loss of 1.9%, and those who kept their savings in euro have recorded a rise of 12.06%.
The investors who bought shares on the RASDAQ market of BVB have recorded in the past 12 months an average yield of 8.94%.
The inflation rate in the past 12 months stood at 8.63%.
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