More than 4 million people registered with Pillar II pensions in 2007

There were 4,156,316 people registered with the Pillar II segment of pensions in 2007, after the completion of the aleatory distribution process of 322,706 people who did not entered a private pension fund, reads the report on 2007 activity of the Private Pensions System Supervisory Commission (CSSPP).

Some 34 percent of the 4.16 million participants who entered a private pension fund (Pillar II) have between 35 and 45 years old, that means they entered the system without being forced by law. In terms of number of participants, Romania (with 4.16 million participants) became the second market of compulsory private pensions in Central and Eastern Europe, after Poland (13.3 million) and already surpassed such other markets in the area, for instance the Hungarian and the Bulgarian markets.
The optional pension funds succeeded in attracting, in 2007, 50,887 participants and assets worth almost 14.38 million lei (some 3 million euros).
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