Over 1 million Romanian farmers submit applications for 2008

EU funds More than 1.05 million Romanian farmers submitted applications for 2008 EU funds as of May 15, Director General of the Agricultural Payment and Intervention Agency (APIA) Dan Gherghelas told Rompres on May 16.
"The area included in the applications – 8.723 million hectares – has exceeded the reference area of 8.714 million hectares," said Gherghelas, adding that the applications to be submitted by June 9, 2008, the second deadline for them, will exceed 9 million hectares.
May 15 was the last day of the deadline extended to Romanian farmers for submitting applications for 2007 European agricultural subsidies.
The subsides have been fixed at 97.5 euro per hectare, 50.6 euro of which is granted from European funds, and 46.9 euros comes in additional national payment.
The subsidies will be paid into the farmers’ accounts only if they have submitted the applications within the time limit, have not been selected for on-site inspections by remote sensing and have recorded no errors in the administrative control.
APIA started distributing per-hectare European subsidies for 2007 in April and should end the process by end-May.
The funds allocated under the European Agriculture Guarantees Fund for 2007 subsidies are standing at 440 million euros, to which national co-funding worth 122 million euros is added.
The funds earmarked under EAGF will gradually increase to 2013, and for 2008 there are 569 million euros allocated.

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