Price of electricity could stand under inflation rate

The price of electricity could stand, this year, under the rate of inflation, Minister of Economy and Finance Varujan Vosganian on May 12 told a TV station.
"Although the economy grew six percent last year and 7.5 percent in Q1, the consumption of electricity dropped three percent last year and two percent in Q1. So, although, growth is spectacular, the consumption of electricity went down, which leads to relaxation in the electricity market. Due to the commissioning of reactor 2 of Cernavoda nuclear power plant, and due to the way in which we have preserved the potential in lakes, we have succeeded to keep the same price of electricity, and we hope that this year the price of electricity will be under the rate of inflation, " Vosganian said.
He added that there is a problem relating to the price of natural gas in future, it kept unchanged in April, nevertheless. "We are assessing what will happen on July 1. I can tell you now that what distribution companies are saying, that there will be a 20 percent, a 30 percent rise, is unsustainable, and I told them clearly it can’t be so, we don’t agree with such rises," said Vosganian.

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