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Romania ranks 3rd in EU by industrial output rise in March

The industrial output index dropped 0.1 percent in the European Union (EU 27) and 0.2 percent in the euro zone (EA 15) in March compared to February, the European Community’s Statistics Office Eurostat announced on May 14.
The industrial output grew in seven member states and dwindled in 15 member states. The biggest rises were posted by Ireland (9.1 pct), the Netherlands (2.1 pct), Luxembourg (1.6 pct) and Romania (0.7 pct). At the opposite end there are Denmark, the output of which dropped 6.1 pct, Estonia with 5.3 pct and Slovakia, 4.9 pct.

In terms of the annual pace, i.e. this March compared to March 2007, the industrial output index climbed 1.8 percent in the EU 27 and rose 2 percent in the EA 15. The biggest rises were recorded by Ireland (6.9 pct), the Netherlands (6.6 pct) and Romania (5.7 pct). The most significant drops in the industrial output were posted by Portugal (minus 6.2 pct) and Greece (minus 5.4 pct).
According to the Romanian National Institute of Statistics (INS), the domestic industrial output surged 6.7 percent in this March from February and went up 2.9 percent compared to March 2007. The growth posted in this March was mainly accounted for by higher output in the mining industry at 16.6 percent and 6.6 percent growth in the processing industry. The electrical and thermal energy, gas and water industry dropped 2.9 percent.
The Romanian industrial output went up 5.4 percent in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period a year ago. The growth was backed by the electrical and thermal energy, gas and water sector that grew 9.2 percent and the processing industry that expanded 6.1 percent. The mining industry dropped 3.9 percent, the INS announced.

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