Cristian David to speak in Brussels about combating corruption at local level

Minister of Interior and Administrative Reform Cristian David is to present, on Tuesday, in Brussels, the programme of combating corruption at the local level.
According to a release remitted to Rompres, the Romanian dignitary is to give a speech on the mentioned topic within the seminar on 'Combating Corruption in the European Union', event hosted by the European Parliament.
The seminar is aimed at approaching the corruption topic at the European Union level, laying the accent on the fight against corruption at the local level. On this occasion, a series of related topics will be approached, linked to the extent of this phenomenon, if it is met just in certain member states or it is spread at the level of the entire union, lessons to learn from the other member states experience in the fight against corruption and the identification of the most efficient methods in the fight against it.
European Commission representatives from the Justice, Freedom and Security department are expected to take the floor, as well as representatives of the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international organizations, representatives of the European Parliament and of the Commission on Civil Freedoms, Justice and Home Affairs.
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